Airmap® provides the customer with many years of experience in the UAS sector obtained in relevant national and international contexts and developed throughout the sector’s value chain. Business Development methods are added to the System Engineering methods of development and technical management.

The services offered include:

  • Multisectoral feasibility studies.
  • Security analysis.
  • SORA Analysis.
  • Preparations for national and international flight permits.
  • Test and Demo (Authorized Operator ENAC L / MC CRO, certificate I-ARPA-004233).
  • Development of innovative projects and project management for third parties with the OPEN INNOVATION paradigm.
  • Study and design of specialized payloads.
  • Development of Ground Control Station and Mission Control System requirements.
  • System Engineering V model applied to UAS development.
  • Consultancy in relations with the Aeronautical Authorities.

UAS can be applied for:

  • aerophotogrammetry
  • search and rescue
  • infrastructure checks
  • photovoltaic panel troubleshooting
  • remote sensing
  • characterization of fauna and flora
  • analysis and verification of environmental impact
  • support to archaeological analyzes
  • analysis of hydrogeological instability and applied geology
  • services related to agricultural activities (for productivity optimization)
  • verification of dispersions by thermography
  • observation and surveillance
  • control of coastal pollution
  • 3D reconstruction of the territory